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Maggie Boyd
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I don’t think Arya’s point is petty at all. She didn’t just see Sansa with Joffrey at her father’s execution. She knew that Sansa had given Joffrey and Cersei information that had led to Ned’s death. There have been a host of betrayals from Sansa, not least of which was the fact that she didn’t see the warning signs of who/what Cersei and Joffrey were until after they had started abusing her personally. When Joffrey was acting like a nightmare to everyone else, when Arya, Ned et al were seeing him for who he was Sansa was still being a starry eyed child over the whole thing. Arya, many years her junior, was far more clear sighted. Given that Sansa actually blundered into getting their father killed it is no wonder that Arya questions her fitness to rule now. Additionally, Sansa did all she did because she wanted to be queen. Now Arya comes home and finds Sansa once more hanging out with a dangerous enemy (Baelish) and listening to complaints about the family (session where people were complaining about Jon) and parading about as the Lady of Winterfell. She is right to be wary. Sansa was a petty child, it is natural for Arya to wonder if she is still that person.

That said, it has been years since season one when the two characters were last together. It makes total sense for the two of them to revert to their previous relationship and for them to have all the old problems between them but it makes zero sense for the show runners to expect the audience to be in the same place. We see each of them for who they are now, they see each other as who they were before. It’s on the writers to provide the viewers with scenes that either explain that gap or bridge it and they aren’t doing that as of right now. We’re running out of episodes and I’m growing concerned that we seem to be sort of spinning in old problems rather than resolving them and moving forward.