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Maggie Boyd
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To answer any of this, I need to go back and watch Season 1 but she shared something that Ned was doing with Joffrey that tipped him off to one of Ned’s plans. In the book it was much more pronounced – there she told Joffrey that they were leaving King’s Landing, which resulted in them getting captured and killed but in the series it was much more subtle. I can’t remember it as well because I haven’t seen it in a few years. I’m planning to re-watch the seasons over the course of our next year long wait so I am really into the swing of things when we finally get to season 8!

As far as the craving for power, I sure thought that was captured by the series and not just the books but I’ll watch out for that when I re-view season one. This could be one of those Harry Potter moments – where everything is clear if you’ve read the books but you’re sort of left guessing if you haven’t. Certainly for me Arya and Sansa’s relationship looks like a more adult version of what it has always been but perhaps that is being influenced by what I’ve read over what I’ve seen. I won’t be sure till I take a second look at everything.