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The Breakfast Cereal Challenge
Cocoa Pebbles/Fruity Pebbles (1969) = these cereals are the oldest brands based on characters from a TV or movie. In honor of The Flintstones, read an historical romance.
Riveted by Meljean Brook – historical steampunk romance:
The h/h of this story were both searching: the hero for his mother’s people to fulfill a promise, the heroine for her sister who’d been banished. They each thought of themselves as outsiders, but they intrigued one another from the moment they met. Things quickly went awry when he confessed his true reason for going to Iceland, but I was glad the issue was dealt with early on. I enjoyed their romance even when they each mistakenly thought the other only wanted friendship. The villain was entirely too easily dispatched which made for a lackluster conclusion to what was otherwise a captivating action/adventure plot, but the characters and the romance still made this book my favorite of the series so far.

Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Replay
Ashwin by Kit Rocha:
I did not read the previous series, but there was enough background in this first spin-off book that I never felt lost. The h/h had always been attracted to one another, but hadn’t acted on it. The doctor heroine had believed the hero was dead. The hero was on assignment to infiltrate the sector where she now lived. But that wasn’t the only secret he was keeping. There were a few spots where the plot seemed to drive the characters’ actions rather than vice versa. The post-dystopian world was intriguing enough that I will continue with the series, but it was the “reunion” romance between the h/h which made the book for me. An enjoyable read.

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