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My random thoughts on the season finale:

Are Danerys and Jon fans satisfied by their hook up? I wasn’t a fan of them getting together, but if you are a fan, the heavy handed parallel scene with Bran illustrating the incestuous nature of their relationship must take some of the happiness away, if for no other reason than that it surely forebodes trouble for them. Will Jon want the throne now that he’s the heir, and if so, will Daenerys step aside gracefully? Her character arc has been one of steely determination to become queen.

Like many fans, I did love seeing so many of the major players come together for the negotiations, but for some reason, the scene was a let down for me. I think one reason is that, yes, the wight was frightening, but I think they are really terrifying when you see the sheer numbers of them. A far scarier prospect would have Cersei taking a dragon ride over their armies to get a better sense of the scope of the threat and what she’s going to be facing. Seeing one just doesn’t have the same effect for me, even though it was mentioned that over 100,000 of them are marching toward Westeros. I admit to kind of rolling my eyes too when everyone saw it and capitulated immediately. Of course, we learn that was all a fake out.

I did not like the way everyone cottoned onto the word “the Great War” as if its title was voted upon and then ratified. Wars gain monikers over time and with the hindsight of history, not in one conversation before they even begin. Small thing, I know, but I can’t help feeling that GoT has lost some of its more sophisticated writing.

Too many fake outs in this episode. Not only does Cersei fake out her enemies, but Arya and Sansa fake out Littlefinger, who I think might have been onto them if the show was being true to his character. Some of us discussed last week the improbability of the Stark girls fighting as if they were out for blood. Those scenes now I guess are supposed to have represented entrapment for Littlefinger. Were we supposed to believe he was hiding under the bed during their conversations? Also, why entrap him? Arya could have just slit his throat at any time and so except for dramatic tension, a fake trial was not really needed. Still, sad to see one of the few morally ambiguous characters go as the show moves more and more toward conventional good versus evil.

I liked Viserion as a zombie dragon. Not sure about blue fire since he’s an ice dragon, but whatever. Of course the Wall had to come down. Like the death of a dragon, the show has been predicting it for ages. Will we get to see a battle of the dragons? I hope so!

Tyrion used to be so savvy but lately, I’m not getting a good sense that he knows what he’s doing. I also do not know why he was hiding in the shadows when Jon entered Daenerys’s bedroom and with such a look of consternation. I really do not know what that was all about.

I desperately want Brienne to survive. Somewhere during this show she has become one of my favorites.

Jaime finally (finally!) renounces Cersei. I remember back when I had hopes for his characterization.

Rumors that the final season is not returning until 2019?

What did others think of the season finale?