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Maggie Boyd
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Arya killed Baelish. This was a dream for me and I was thrilled when it happened.
Jamie left Cersei. I had *hopes* for this but honestly didn’t expect it to happen till next season. Was so glad to see him get gone.
I loved two moments in the Baelish killing scene: When Sansa says, “I’m a slow learner but I do learn.” and “Sometimes I like to play a little game.” Both of those were her taking power back from someone who had worked so hard to take it from her. And I liked how she essentially told him that she had become who he made her.
Theon is a complex character for me – he was a monster in season one but the Bolton boy sure was a purification by fire for him. I liked that he stood up for his sister this episode although I’m not sure that is going to help anyone.


I still dislike the setup to the whole Arya/Sansa/Baelish situation. I couldn’t understand, perhaps I missed a scene, why the folks from the Eyrie didn’t back Baelish. I think Blackjack makes a good point re Baelish hiding under the bed. Many of the scenes where Sansa/Arya seemed at odds were played out for the audience but not for Littlefinger. It’s clear we were the ones the show runners were faking out but I find it dissatisfying because we never really see them outsmarting Littlefinger, we just have them playing to the crowd. I also felt that the scenes with Baelish/Sansa weren’t acted with any sort of tension. Littlefinger seemed a shadow of his former self at the hearing and so the victory – in spite of it coming at the hands of exactly who I wanted it to – felt hollow.

I deeply disliked being reminded of Jon/Dany relationship just as they hooked up. Took all the joy right out of it.

Blackjack mentioned this already but Tyrion doesn’t seem to know things anymore. Perhaps he needs to go back to drinking? Regardless, he gave Dany bad advice about Castelry Rock. They lost their fleet, an important ally (Olena) and could have lost the Unsullied in that moment. Now he has given her bad advice regarding Cersei.

Overall, the only episode I thought was brilliant this year was The Spoils of War. I still feel that all we are doing is moving characters around on the board. Killing Baelish even felt like they waited till he was essentially irrelevant and reduced to being a loves struck pervert bent on getting Sansa at any cost.

Final thought:

I am not sure Cersei’s baby is real. There is the prophecy where she has only three kids but also, it seems she reveals it only to manipulate. She used it on Tyrion and Jamie with varying results. Not sure where GoT is going with this but I find it almost annoying.