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Jenna Harper
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I really enjoyed the finale. Here are some thoughts:

About Sansa/Arya/Baelish – I’m glad that Littlefinger is gone because he was such a slimey character, and given that he essentially began the terror that has been both girls’ lives, they deserved to distribute the final justice. I still think that the whole thing was handled poorly, though. The way the story was written, it seems to me that Sansa and Arya were at each other’s throats up until some point, when Sansa changed her mind and realized it was Littlefinger manipulating them. There was an interview with the actor who plays Bran and he said there was a scene that was cut where Sansa consulted with Bran. This would have been huge as far as selling this storyline.

About Jon/Dany and their hookup – this is so bittersweet for me. I’m so glad they got together, but the whole situation with Jon learning who he truly is will destroy their happiness. I worry that Dany will suspect Jon of lying to her – of knowing all along who he really was and trying to trick her. That will just piss me off.

But I’m now completely convinced that Jon is going to do die. His death will solve so many plot problems. It will remove him from contention for the throne. It will solve the incest problem. And you just know that someone has to die tragically because this is Game of Thrones, after all.

About Jaime/Cersei – so, so glad that Jaime seems to finally have a clue and has left her for good. I think she will end up killing him. I do hope he and Brienne have some great scenes together before it’s all over.

I enjoyed seeing all of the characters together in one place. Especially loved the convo between Brienne and the Hound.

Waiting until Spring of 2019 is going to be torture!