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Over the summer I read the second and third books of Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy series, White Hot and Wildfire. Both were excellent. I would recommend them highly – but start with the first book Burn For Me, as this series is best read chronologically. I am a great fan and have read all her books. These books read like an action movie romance, with sarcastic rejoinders and there are some laugh out loud moments. The world is a parallel of our own, except that their society is shaped by families with magical power. It is set in Houston, and with the recent Hurricane Harvey, one of the scenes in the third book is particularly evocative. The book was written before the hurricane though, and one wishes there was such magic to tone down the destruction. Ilona Andrews has said in her blog that there will be at least another book – if they don’t get another contract for the continuation of the series, they aim to publish it themselves.