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Maggie Boyd
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Can’t find any of my original posts so here goes:

The Cocktail Challenge:

1.London Fog -Clare Mackintosh, I Let You Go read January 2017
2.Hot Toddy – Once Upon A Dream Grace Burrows/Mary Balogh read January 2017
3.Roman Candle Sky Raiders Michelle Deiner
4.Witches Brew Petals and Thorns Jennifer Paris
5.X-Rated Fusion Liqueur A Wanton Woman Vanessa Vale
6.Hungry Couple Colter’s Women Maya Banks
7.Shirley Temple Worth the Wait Karen Witemeyer
8.Four Horsemen Frozen Eve Silver
9.Harry Potter Mixology The Hating Game Sally Thorne
10.Churchill The Fire by Night Teresa *Messineo,
11.Southern Warmer Shattered Lisa Clark O’Neil
12.Slippery Nipple Dark Tide Elizabeth Hayes
13.Long Island Iced Tea A Heart Most Certain (Teaville Moral Society) Melissa Jaeger
14.Bloodhound The Lady and the Lionheart Joanne Bischof
15.Blue Lagoon Silver Silence Nalini Singh
16.Salty Dog The Girl in the Gate House Julie Klassen
17.Savoy Corpse Reviver Reserved for the Cat Mercedes Lackey