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Brown Eyed Girl Lisa Kleypas This book has sat in pristine condition on my TBR shelf for the last few years and will now head to the UBS that way. Feels so good to have it off the shelf! I always enjoy this author’s prose. She has a wonderful way with painting verbal pictures and creating interesting unique characters that make her books a pleasure to read. But I rarely love her romances. In this case what dragged down the story of Avery Crosslin and Joe Travis were two things and both of them circled around the love stories. The first is that I never got why Joe loved Avery and what drew him to her at the beginning. I think the lust/love at first site thing is a writing hack in romances and in this case it certainly felt that way since the vast majority of men would run from someone as insecure and verbally irritating as Avery and rich, handsome Joe Travis should have been one of them. The second one was the secondary romance between Ryan and Bethany was both unneeded, depressing and judgmental. I felt it was thrown in to remind everyone that those without middle class morals can’t be trusted and are just after money. Also, it felt odd that juxtaposition between Joe having oodles of money (but not being spoiled cause he’s a Travis and their daddy made them work hard to prove their worth) and the idea that other people shouldn’t make decisions based on money because that made them crass. The book wound up being a mix to read – frustrating on the romance level, irritating regarding Bethany/Ryan situation but enjoyable when it was just Avery living life.

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