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This week the new Kirsten Ashley came out, The Time in Between, with Coert and Cady. Cady moves to a light house in Maine where her old flame, Coert is the sheriff. I thought it was sweeter than her usual. I was about 70% through when I wondered what could be left in the story because it seemed all wrapped up. I should have known it had a mega epilogue even tying into the Rock Chick books.

I also read the new Eric Watts Royals book, Fallen Heir, which is about Easton, now a senior in high school and alcoholic. It ends with a huge cliffhanger and we have to wait until January 2018 for closure (Cracked Kingdom). I’m not big on cliffhangers and I liked When Its Real better (not part of the Royal series).

Tessa Dare’s, The Duchess Deal was enjoyable. I liked the wounded war hero and Emma the seamstress and vicar’s daughter that was estranged from her father.

I read Emma Chase’s new one Royally Endowed and laughed. I really like her humor. This series is about some princes from a make believe country. Royally Endowed is about a bodyguard and sister of a princess. I had not read the book before it in the series and I thought it stood alone pretty well. Now I’m going back to read Royally Matched which is a take-off of the Bachelor Realty Show.

A while back I read Too Scot to Handle by Grace Burrowes. Colin is a retired Captain and younger brother to a Duke who helps Anwen, a Windham daughter with funding for a foundling home. I enjoyed the first part of the story but then I lost interest as family members from previous books started appearing all over the place.

I’m wondering what everyone’s favorite books are so far this year? I’m starting to put my list together.