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Maggie Boyd
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Quit – Read a book about a h/h who change in career or are forced to move.Her Hesitant Heart Carla Kelly Susanna Hopkins has had more than her share of trouble in life. Her abusive husband has all but cost her her vision in one eye. Forced to divorce him to save her life, she is shunned by society and has lost custody of her son. In a last ditch effort to survive she has gone to Ft. Laramie to teach.She will be staying with her cousin, who is none too happy to have her. Because the cousin fears retribution should word get out that Susanna is a divorcee, she tells everyone she is a war widow.

Joe Randolph, military doctor at Ft. Laramie, was sent to pick Susanna up at the train station. He finds himself drawn to the quiet, beautiful woman who has clearly been dealt more than her share of sorrow in life. The two develop a sweet friendship which gets put to the test when Susanna’s big secret is revealed. Joe, a near perfect hero, rises to the occasion and shows how love can change the course of even the worst events of life.

This is a sweet love story centered around two wonderful protagonists. The slow pace and simple story telling combine to create a truly wonderful tale about the importance of second chances, forgiveness, and community. The only flaw I found was that the happy ending was a tad too happy – life rarely works out so perfectly.
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