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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Replay
Deacon by Kit Rocha:
I liked the hero and heroine both individually and as a couple. The heroine was the first female Rider and felt the weight of such high expectations. She didn’t want to become involved because she knew it would lead some people to believe she hadn’t gotten her position based on merit. The hero had to reveal a long kept secret when someone from his past began to make threats. Unlike the first spin-off book at times I felt I was missing something with this second book particularly in regards to the religion in Sector One. Thankfully that was mostly alleviated by the end. The seemingly straight forward plot took some interesting twists. The conflict between the h/h at the end felt forced (not the reason for the conflict, just the time it took to resolve), but their relationship made the book.

Stone Cold Christmas Ranger by Nicole Helm: This book picked up two years after the events of the earlier books. The heroine was an unlicensed bounty hunter. The hero was a Texas Ranger working on a cold case which hit very close to home for the heroine. She had a dismissive attitude to start, but I came to like her. The hero was my favorite character of the trilogy. Some fun moments and the romance worked better for me than the suspense plot which relied on too many coincidences and left unanswered questions. Despite the issues, it was the best of the trilogy.

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