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Maggie Boyd
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Quadrille – a book associated with dancing – Unforgettable by Trish Perry

Rachel Stanhope runs a dance studio in Arglington, VA. When our story begins, she is waiting outside for her assistant to arrive with the keys. The girl had stayed late the night before to practice some moves and it looks like she just might cost Rachel a slew of refunds on her pre-teen dance class if she doesn’t show. While Rachel waits with one of her students, two new pupils show up escorted by their Cary Grant lookalike father. Make that uncle, a fact he makes clear to Rachel right away, along with his opinion that dance is essentially a waste of time.

Josh Reegan can’t believe his luck. A beautiful single woman is at the dance studio, appropriate for him in every way. Thinking she is associated with the kids rather than the venue he vents his frustrations about the arts and the frivolity they represent only to learn that Rachel is the teacher! But of course she can’t understand that as a former fighter pilot and current investigative journalist his life is all about taking risks and battling corruption wherever he finds it, not cha -chas and foxtrots.

In spite of this difficult beginning, Rachel and Josh find themselves enjoying running into each other while grocery shopping, eating at local diners and generally running about town. Can they turn this attraction into something more in spite of their differences?

I loved the light hearted tone of this book, as well as the time period (1951) and the fun world of dance competitions and studios. I struggled a bit with Josh, who remained (imo) self-absorbed and had perhaps an inflated sense of the importance of what he did. Still, compared to the last book this sweet Inspirational restored my faith in the genre.

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