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Maggie Boyd
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Quilt Read an Amish romance or a book about a heroine who is in fashion or sews. Or a book with quilt in the title. The Key in the Quilt Stephanie Grace Whitson

1876, Nebraska: Jane Prescott is anxious on her trip home from the dance, knowing that a beating awaits her when they reach her husbands ranch. Months later she is in the Nebraska State Prison for killing him. Separated from her beloved daughter Rose, her only hope is to do her time the best she can.

When Mamie Dawson asked the Lord to use her, she had thought to be sent to the mission field, not to be made matron of a women’s prison in Nebraska. She views the ladies in her charge as “lambs” whom she should lead and prays for them daily. She also prays for herself. Is it too late for her to find love? There is a handsome guard whom she wouldn’t mind having court her, so why is it that the man God seems to put in her way most often is Martin Underwood, the one the other guards call Frankenstein.

Ellen McKenna dearly loves her husband but that love is put to the test when he accepts a job as a prison warden in Nebraska. Uneasy about living across from violent criminals, her heart begins to change when she meets Jane and some of the other ladies at the facility. Could God be showing her a new path for her life as she befriends these lonely and beleaguered women?

Three lives are touched by God’s grace in the least likely of places in this sweet story of love and redemption. The tone here is surprisingly lighthearted for such a serious subject and while the plot is predictable the journey is one of familiarity rather than redundancy.

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