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Seventeen Magazine(s)! Challenge
The New Yorker – Read a romance set in New York City or set in any major, international city with a large population. Or, read an Urban Fantasy.
Secrets in Death by JD Robb – set in NYC:
The murder victim had been a minor character in the second book of this long-running series. The whodunit seemed obvious from the moment the killer was introduced, but the focus was more on the victim herself and her various blackmail schemes than the killer. The blackmail victims’ stories often hit close to home for Eve. A loose thread from a subplot which was mainly addressed in a book fourteen years ago was finally resolved (to clarify, it’s been fourteen years in real time, in book time it’s been less than two years). This was nice to see as I wasn’t sure the author would ever address it. There was the usual dose of humor and more than one trip down memory lane. While not quite an instant favorite, this book definitely rates in the top half of the series.

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