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Maggie Boyd
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Coltsfoot – (Justice) book with a U.S. Attorney hero

Love Irresistibly- Julie James

Absolutely loved this charming little tale. Workaholic beauty Brooke Parker is used to broken relationships where men tell her they just don’t see someone like her in their future. Assistant U.S. Attorney Cade Morgan is used to relationships that end with women calling him emotionally inaccessible. But sometimes all it takes is finding the right person. When Cade approaches Brooke about using one of her restaurants as part of a sting operation, he finds himself admiring the beautiful, green eyed woman who is as smart as she is sassy. Cade makes Brooke laugh and challenges her wit. They’re an explosive combo in and out of bed. But will two people who regularly strike out at love finally be able to hit a home run?

Great characters and a terrific romance make this one a wonderful read.

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