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The Shoe Challenge: Many say it is a woman’s favorite accessory: . Read 10,12 or 18 books that match the criteria within the challenge to complete it
1. ALMOND TOE A shoe style which features a softly rounded, tapered pointed toe. Read a book where the h/h works with food in some way.
2. ATHLEISURE Fashion sportswear that is inspired by both athletic and leisure elements. Read a book where the h/h work in the leisure industry (hotel, vacation planner, tour guide etc)
3. BABY BOOTIES – Quite possibly the sweetest shoe on earth. Read a book about a secret baby or a book involving a pregnancy.
4. BALLET SLIPPERS – Read a book where the h/h are dancers or where there is a dance word in the title.
5. BOAT SHOES A flat shoe designed with a rubber sole that offers good traction on slippery boat decks, often made from leather or canvas. Read a book that involves water in some way (h/h are sailors, water in the title, takes place near a lake/river etc.)
6. BOWLING SHOES – At the start of the 21st century bowling alleys had problems with patrons stealing shoes as they became a fashion trend. Read a novel published in or taking place in the 21st Century.
7. CHELSEA BOOT A type of pull-on ankle-height boot featuring elastic gussets. America’s most famous Chelsea is the daughter of two politicians. Read a book about a politician, a politician’s child or that involves politics in some way.
8. CLEATS – An athletic shoe. Read a sports romance.
9. CLOG -Clogging is the official state dance of Kentucky and North Carolina and was the social dance in the Appalachian Mountains as early as the 18th century. Read a book that takes place in the Appalachian area.
10. COMBAT BOOTS Lace up multipurpose boots originally designed for the military. Read a military romance.
11. COWBOY BOOTS -Read a Western romance or a book where the h/h is a farmer/rancher
12. CROCS- a summer shoe. Read a book that takes place in summer.
13. DESIGNER SHOES – Read a book where the h/h is wealthy.
14. ESPADRILLE – A shoe or sandal that has a woven rope or similar material covering the wedge or sole. Espadrilles have been made in Occitania region (France), in the Pyrennean regions of Basque country (France – Spain) and Catalonia (Spain), since the 14th century at least, and there are shops in the Basque country (France – Spain) still in existence that have been making espadrilles for over a century. Read a book that takes place in France or Spain or has French/Spanish characters or a book that uses a French or Spanish word in the title.
15. FLIP FLOPS -The ultimate casual, contemporary shoe. Read a contemporary romance.
16. GALOSH -Waterproof footwear designed to be worn over other shoes or boots in wet weather. Read a book that takes place in a location known for their rain, such as India (monsoons), a jungle, England, Washington state in the U.S.
17. GLADIATOR – Designed to resemble the shoes worn by ancient Roman fighters. Read a book about a boxer or other style of fighter, about a competition or bet, or about ancient Rome.
18. HIDDEN WEDGE – A wedge-shaped heel hidden inside a boot or shoe. Read a book that revolves around a secret, a mystery or mistaken/hidden identity or read a romantic suspense novel.
19. HIGH IN THE INSTEP – Read a book about a proud h/h.
20. HIGH TOPS – Read a book where the h/h has achieved success.
21. INSOLE Like the soul of a man, this inner part of a shoe that touches the bottom of the foot, is hidden within. Read an Inspirational Romance.
22. KID SLIPPERS – Regency era shoe. Read a Regency romance. Or read a book involving children in some way.
23. KITTEN HEEL A low-heeled stiletto shoe, often between 1 and 2 inches in heel height. Read a hot or sexy romance.
24. MARY JANE – Read a book with a name in the title, that is part of a series based on siblings/family members or that involves young girls in some way.
25. MOCASSIN – Read a Native American Romance or a romance that takes place in the Colonial/Revolutionary War period of the U.S.
26. MOTORCYCLE BOOTS – Read a motorcycle club romance or read a romance where the h/h works with vehicles in some way (truck driver, mechanic, etc.)
27. MULES – A shoe or sandal characterized by a closed, or nearly closed, toe and a backless heel of any height. Read a book involving animals.
28. OXFORD – An Oxford shoe is characterized by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp,[1] a feature termed “closed lacing. Read a book about a vampire or another paranormal romance. Or read a book that takes place in England, home to Oxford University. Or read a book that takes place in or around a University.
29. OVER THE KNEE BOOTS Boots featuring high shafts that are designed to hit above the knee. May be flat or heeled. Read a book about an uptight/ conservative hero or heroine.
30. PEEP TOE – A shoe with a narrow opening in the front that exposes the toes. Read a book where the h/h wear their heart on their sleeve or where they are activists of some kind.
31. PENNY LOAFER – This wardrobe shoe staple has been around since the early 1930s. Read a book that takes place in the 20th century.
32. PLATFORMS – A stage is a fancy platform. Read a book where the h/h are actors or performers (singers, magicians, musicians etc.) of some kind.
33. POINTED TOE PUMPS – An enclosed shoe with a heel of any height. Read a book with an Alpha heel (hero) or read a book with a pointed message.
34. RETRO – Style paying homage to the past. Read a book where the h/h work with history in some way (historian/archeology/remodeling)
35. RIDING BOOTS– Horse racing is the sport of kings. Read a book where the h/h is a member of the nobility.
36. SADDLE SHOE – A low-heeled Oxford-style shoe that is characterized by a saddle-shaped mid-foot panel. Read a book from any era in history where riding horses was the primary means of transportation.
37. SANDAL – Quite possibly the oldest shoe known to man. Read a historical novel.
38. SHAFT – The upper portion of a boot that covers the ankle and sometimes the leg. Read a book where the h/h have been “shafted” in some way (cheating former spouse, robbed of an inheritance etc.)
39. SLING BACK – Read a time travel romance.
40. SLIPPER – The ultimate comfort shoe. Read a cozy or sweet romance.
41. SNOW SHOES – Winter wear. Read a romance that takes place primarily in the winter or that has a winter scene on the cover.
42. SPECTATOR- Read a book with a quiet h/h or an h/h who observe life from the shadows.
43. STEEL TOE – Read a book where the h/h is known for their strength or has endured a great trial (falsely imprisoned, debilitating sports or other injury) or where they have overcome a challenge of some kind (blindness, deafness, depression, cancer)
44. STILETTO The ultimate girl shoe. Read a book about a girly girl, a perfect lady or a heroine who is either taller than average or described as shorter than average.
45. SYNTHETIC – Many shoes are made of manmade materials these days. Read a book that is “fake” in some way, such as a fantasy, sci-fi, or alternate history romance.
46. TENNIS SHOES – Originally worn while playing tennis but now popular off the courts. Read a fish out of water romance or a romance where the h/h have a barrier between them.
47. WEDGE – A triangular, wedge-shaped heel that runs along the entire length of the foot. Read a book with a big misunderstanding.
48. WINGTIP – Read a book about a pilot or stewardess.
49. WORK BOOTS – Read a blue collar/working class romance.
50. Did I miss a shoe? Make your own category!