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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Replay
Tempting Fate by Carla Neggers:
The heroine’s mother had disappeared twenty-five years before the start of the story. The heroine was estranged from her maternal relatives. The hero was in town at someone else’s request and had his own reasons for being there. He and the heroine started off on the wrong foot. The multiple, meandering subplots all knit together in the end. The multi-pronged mystery was intriguing. One of the villains was obvious from the start, but other parts kept me guessing. The h/h were well-matched. I enjoyed their romance but it definitely took a backseat to the suspense plot. Overall, a nice blend of family drama and mystery.

The Alphabet Challenge Variation
D = Contracted Defense by Piper J Drake:
The h/h indulged in a one-night stand not knowing they would be partnered the next day. The heroine wanted to keep things professional which the hero agreed to with an option to revisit their personal relationship once they’d firmly established their working one. The hero enjoyed teasing the heroine to make her angry which came across as very immature and annoying. This behavior died down once they started to concentrate more fully on their jobs, but then came back. The heroine questioned her own attitudes which at times seemed to be solely to make the hero look better, but for the most part worked as part of her character. The h/h pursuing their romance did not always mesh well with the suspense plot. Their assignment to provide protection for a rich man’s estate seemed off from the start and despite the numerous details provided—and a surprise twist—made for a bland subplot as did the subplot with the hero’s ex-Marine buddy. I liked parts, but overall an uneven read. I was disappointed that we’ll not get the heroine’s ex-partner’s story if the series continues.

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