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I hope you continue with the series. I read the first 11 books and novellas back-to-back before book 12’s release. I have reread the entire series multiple times since. I am biased as Sascha and Lucas are one of my favorite couples in the series, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how their relationship plays out.

There’s a big overarching plot that was hinted at in the first book but really starts to take off in book 3. So even in the few books where I was iffy on the main romance, the political intrigue was more than enough to keep me going. (That said, having reread the series there’s not a couple I actively dislike, just some I found rather meh).

Rereading the series one picks up on clues and foreshadowing that they didn’t catch the first time around.

I would highly recommend reading the books/novellas in published order (the novellas tend to jump back in time to explore characters/situations that aren’t as intertwined with the main storyarc but provide insight into the world). There’s also a bunch of slice of life short stories on her website (with new ones in her newsletter). I reread everything in chronological order earlier this year which was fun, but things actually make more sense in published order.

Plus reading in order there are huge storyline payoffs in later books.


ETA: also, not sure how you feel about spoilers, but I would try to avoid as many as you can. I am glad I read many of the books blind as there are lots of nice surprises and “oh” moments that are fun to discover as you go and won’t have the same impact if you know ahead of time.