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I think it’s a good idea to a degree but obviously they aren’t going to be able to shoot dual versions of the expensive CGI laden scenes. They will likely have multiple scripts as well and things change even during the regular season from the shooting scripts. This season a scene with Cersei waking up “in a bed of blood” presumably from a miscarriage was supposed to be the last shot of her but they obviously changed their mind even after filming it.

Other shows have done this like Gossip,Girl, Sex and City etc and I think it works when it comes down to one final big decision like Chuck or Nate with Blair or Mr. Big or Mikail Barishnikov (forget his character name). For the last scenes where main characters are likely going to die it could be a good deterrent. I know this year apart from leaked scripts early on the biggest leaks came from another country where it is supposed someone who knows the translators for the Spanish versions saw the episodes early and posted videos about what happens just a week or more before the episodes aired.

I’m not sure there is a way to stop that although they should talk to Matthew Weiner who did Mad Men. I’ve never watched a show that had less leaks about anything than that one did. I literally had no clue from one week to the next what was coming. But he also had the benefit of filming almost exclusively on sound stages and the only leaks or early pictures came from the few shots done out on locations.