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Maggie Boyd
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Rose- yellow friendship. Read a friends to lovers romance.
Little Beach Street Bakery Jenny Colgan

This is book one of a trilogy. For a few years there, Polly Waterford had it all. A handsome, successful boyfriend. A business they ran together. The right clothes, the right friends, the right flat, the right life. Then things turned. With advances in technology, people no longer outsourced their graphic art. Her boyfriend turned sullen and childish as their business began to flounder. Before long she was facing bankruptcy and her man had moved in with his mother, leaving her to fend for herself. Her friends offered her rooms or sofas to sleep on but determined to have her own space, she takes a leaky apartment on Mount Polbearne, a small town which can only be reached when the tide is out. Because the grocer doesn’t stock bread and the only bakery in town is unworthy of the name, she begins to bake her own bread. Pretty soon words get out to the locals, who buy her illicit loaves on the sly, afraid to anger the ill tempered shrew who runs the only carb establishment in town. Soon she is making friends, lands a job and starts to get back on her feet. But does she want to stay in this backwater, isolated spot? And is she willing to risk falling in love again after it has gone so tragically wrong for her so often?

I love Colgan’s quirky characters, her second chance at life stories and the Pollyanna nature of her heroines. They are the ultimate feel good stories, fool of good cheer, good food and good friend.s I’m looking forward to the other books in the series.

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