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Starting the Genre Challenge:

Read a Contemporary romance

For this sub-genre, I cheated a little by picking up a novella by Rachel Gibson titled, Blue by You, published in 2013. The story is only 100 pages in length.

For what it is, this story does a good job of drawing you in. The heroine and hero live on neighboring, former plantations in Louisiana. They each come from illustrious southern families who are no longer wealthy but still hold the vestiges of a long standing feud in their bones. Blue Butler is a 40 year old divorcee, with a 15 year old son who we do not meet in the story. She has sunk the money from her alimony into refurbishing her old family home and the accompanying slave quarters and has opened them up for tours. Her neighbor is Kasper Pennington, a 43 year old, twice married, former sniper, who was in the Marines. He too is refurbishing his old home, financing it through his construction business. Kasper and Blue have a brief but intense history. Twenty-two years ago, they had an assignation that ended abruptly. Now, they’re back at the “scene of the crime” and have met again. Will they pick up where they left off or will festering sore feelings keep them apart?

As I mentioned, this story does pull you in very well for such a short tale. However, I definitely wanted more. Kasper’s grandmother and Blue’s son would have been welcome additions to the plot. The little we do get of the grandmother is the one of the best parts. The story develops over a few days. Even though an intensity of attraction was established, I would’ve liked a longer timeframe to enjoy this couple and give their re-acquaintance more room to breathe. I’d give this a B.


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