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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Replay
The Kraken King by Meljean Brook:
The h/h were each keeping secrets. After a misunderstanding each was suspicious of the other’s motives. The book was originally published in serial format and each section read like an old Saturday matinee with a cliffhanger-lite type ending. In addition to the fun action/adventure plot, there was a wonderful romance. The compounded misunderstandings made sense from each character’s POV and they were each eventually addressed. We were introduced to some great secondary characters (I would’ve loved to read the heroine’s bodyguards’ story as well as a few others). This was easily my favorite full-length book of the series.

The Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy: Readers knew from the earlier novella that the heroine’s father was evil, so it was frustrating that it took her so long to figure that out and that her sisters still had not. While the plot relied on secrets being revealed at certain points it was discouraging that the h/h didn’t take time to talk. Part of that was due to the heroine-only first person narrative. Since we never had the hero’s POV it was difficult to discern his reasons for keeping silent and so it often came off as simply a plot device. The math didn’t add up (twenty years since the hero became king of his realm at fourteen, yet the heroine’s mother gave birth to three daughters five years apart so if only twenty years had passed the youngest daughter would be ten which she wasn’t. Plus it took years to end the wars and it’s mentioned that the last battle was twenty-five years ago. So obviously a lot of time passed before he became king but that was not clear). The author seemed to want it both ways in regards to the youngest sister’s husband as we’re supposed to still believe he was a great guy and somehow overlook his actions. Despite the issues, I enjoyed the book. The world-building was intriguing. In spite of their communication issues the romance worked overall and was a good mix of angst and fun.

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