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@Maggie, the introductory novella I read was called Negotiation and was first published in the Thunder on the Battlefiled, Vol. II anthology in Aug 2013. So it was before The Mark of the Tala (it details the reasons Salena needs to heal then marry Uorsin and is told in third person from both their POVs). I do have Heart’s Blood in the TBR as well, but haven’t read that one yet.

Looking back the novella does also say Salena will have about twenty years left to live, so The Mark of the Tala has to be set thirty or at least nearly thirty years later. So almost a decade went by from the time Salena left to when Rayfe was made king at fourteen. That seemed clear at the beginning of the book. But then several of the passages once Andi arrived in Annfwn could have used a good content editor to make the timeline clearer as both Rayfe and his mother at separate times imply it’s been only twenty years since Salena left which would then in turn make Amelia only ten. I thought at first that time somehow passed more slowly in the thirteenth kingdom, but that was never said. I just think it was unnecessarily confusing when an extra sentence or two would have kept things clear. It threw me out of the story because I was like, what? And so had to go back and reread the earlier part and then try to make sense of it.