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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Replay
Saison for Love by Meg Benjamin:
In the beginning of the story the h/h shared a one-night stand which the heroine then decided was a mistake. The heroine was a cheesemaker and owned a deli. She was five years older than the hero, but she was the only one who cared. The hero had planned to leave town for a new job. The heroine was dealing with her jerk ex-husband who’d suddenly decided their twelve-year-old, who he hadn’t seen in years, should live with him in another state. Although he’d irked me in the first book, I actually quite liked the hero in this story. After a disjointed start the book improved. The h/h made a good couple though the plot relied too much on a lack of communication between them as the sole conflict. There were a few other small plot quibbles, but overall an enjoyable read. The relationship between the hero and the heroine’s daughter was my favorite part.

Made for Us by Samantha Chase: The book started as a fun workplace romance. Given the h/h’s backgrounds I expected plenty of angst. I understood why the hero’s five younger siblings and even his father viewed him as a “second parent,” but his overprotective attitude toward his sister was ridiculous. The hero often acted like a complete jerk and the heroine acted wishy-washy only to advance the plot. He ran hot and cold, treated her cruelly and then apologized, rinse and repeat. Then he pulled a stunt at the end the heroine thought was extremely romantic, but came across as more stalkery. Everything happened on the hero’s timetable, but despite lip service otherwise that seemed to suit the heroine. They both needed professional counseling. I wanted to like it and parts were engaging, but too often I wanted to throw the book against the wall. Overall a disappointing read.

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