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Continuing with the Genre Challenge:

Read a Contemporary romance

Since we can read up to two to three romances in a particular sub-genre, I took the opportunity to read a second contemporary, Lucy Parker’s Pretty Face, published in 2017. This is an e-book about 292 pages in length.

AAR reviewed this book and described it here: https://allaboutromance.com/book-review/pretty-face-by-lucy-parker/ giving it an A. I enjoyed the book as well, but I think I’d give it an A-.

This story obviously has many positive qualities including the fact that the author has a talent for taking characters who are suppose to be well-known celebrities and artists and making them very down to earth. No stilted sit-com dialogue here, the prose just flows. Also, even though I know almost nothing about the life of the theater, the author does a good job of presenting that world in some detail. Parker also manages to include the lead couple from her debut novel, Act Like It, without it seeming forced.

The reason I took a few points off was because of the epilogue. I thought it was both a little too long and unnecessary. It shows the couple — months later — I assume, enjoying a vacation together where one important loose end to the story is wrapped up. This loose end could’ve been handled within the story itself and much more quickly. Instead we get an extra chapter of rambling conversation that just peters on. I thought it took away from the punch of the ending.


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