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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Replay
Love Walks In by Samantha Chase:
The hero owned multiple resorts. He felt guilt over his mother’s death years earlier and as a result he avoided impulsive decisions and craved routine and structure. The h/h had a meet cute when she crawled through his office window. She ended up working for him after the eccentric wine distributor he was dealing with insisted she be their point person. The hero was upset with the change of plans and angry with the heroine. Though his attitude didn’t last it cropped up again later. The character reactions and plot weren’t as extreme as in the first book, though the hero and his siblings all really should have had professional grief counseling years before. I enjoyed the middle of the book. But then most of the hero’s issues were suddenly magically resolved (mainly off page) in a manner which was dismissive to people who actually have OCD. The final big problem for the h/h and its resolution were clichéd. It felt both heavily telegraphed yet tacked on. So the last third or so of the book was a disappointment.

Always My Girl by Samantha Chase: In the previous two books the hero had been a jerk to the heroine which continued through much of this book. They’d been bffs since childhood. She’d made a lot of changes in her life partially in an effort to move on, but also to get the hero to notice her. Everyone in his family has been aware of her feelings for years though he was oblivious. The hero was a player, but his change in attitude on that score was believable. When one of his fellow retired racing buddies drugged the heroine’s drink on a date no one even considered going to the ER or police which was strange (her cop brother was justifiably upset when he found out the next day and legal action taken). The hero was a drama king who often overreacted, but he was eventually called out for his behavior. There were parts I enjoyed, but overall the author did too good a job portraying the hero as an inconsiderate jerk.

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