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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Replay
This is Our Song by Samantha Chase:
The hero had been having a crisis of confidence for several books. The heroine was very judgmental and tended to jump to conclusions, then apologize; rinse and repeat. The hero’s record label basically blackmailed him into giving an interview to the magazine where the heroine worked. Her boss threatened to fire her if she didn’t do it. The hero arranged for them to spend time with his family in an effort to curb their instant attraction. The heroine made an unfounded accusation to the hero and then was upset when he got angry. Yet he was the one who had to apologize. They each acted childishly. The name dropping of real musicians, actors, etc was supposed to provide a sense of realism, but instead kept throwing me out of the story. It didn’t help that the hero was a drama llama or that everyone instantly adored the heroine and couldn’t say enough wonderful things about her. The reason for their breakup toward the end seemed ridiculous and then they each pouted for months. There were several other plot issues. There were a few parts I liked but mostly a very disappointing read.

The Wedding Trap by Adrienne Bell: The heroine was maid of honor at her bff’s wedding. The wedding party and guests were staying at an old hotel for the weekend. Her overbearing mother wanted her to reunite with her ex who happened to be the groom’s brother. So she’d made up an imaginary boyfriend. She “blackmailed” the hero into helping her thinking it would take five minutes of his time. But the hero was at the hotel to catch a rogue CIA agent. Posing as the heroine’s boyfriend provided the perfect cover. He found the heroine to be enchanting and quirky. The book started off as a zany comedy then morphed into a romantic suspense. There were a few moments when the characters acted against their better judgment solely for plot purposes. But overall a breezy and fun read with a charming romance.

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