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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Repeat Replay
A Sky Full of Stars by Samantha Chase:
The astrophysicist hero met the artist heroine when his mentor suggested hiring his niece as an assistant for an upcoming project. For as much as the hero resented being judged solely on his academic accomplishments and social awkwardness he was quick to jump to conclusions and judge others himself. Numerous conversations came off as clunky infodumps. There was a major continuity error between this book and the previous book in the series. The family had all been overly friendly (often oddly so) from the instant they met the previous books’ heroines, so to have them be rude to this heroine only for plot purposes was out of character even with the explanations given. I enjoyed parts, but the lack of communication and manufactured conflicts—combined with the hero not groveling enough for his actions—made for a disappointing read overall.

Whiskey River Runaway by Justine Davis: The hero discovered the heroine hiding in an abandoned house he’d been hired to rehab. She’d been on the run for the past four years and was shocked when he offered her a temporary job. I had issues with some of the heroine’s actions though I also had sympathy for her predicament. There was a touch of small town equals perfect, big city equals bad. The mother of the heroine from book one appeared and was still too perfect. The heroine lamented that the hero would never love her as he had his deceased wife, but she was the only one worried. I appreciated that while the hero had definitely loved his wife he never put their relationship on a pedestal and was ready to move on. The resolution to the heroine’s dilemma was OTT. Despite a few plot quibbles I enjoyed the romance. I liked the heroine, but it was the hero who made the book.

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