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Maggie Boyd
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Larkspur – beautiful spirit. Read a novel with a ghost or spirits or where the h/h can talk to spirits (medium) A Spirited Seduction by Casey Claybourne

I have a really hard time grading Casey Claybourne books. On the one hand, she makes it clear they are farces. From ghostly madames who give seduction advice to Regency virgins to mother in laws who haunt their son in laws, her books are humorous and often so light they virtually float. That said, some standards should still be adhered to and this is where the author really struggles.

In this novel, Sabrina and her two young brothers are about to lose their home. Heaven sends Nell, a former prostitute and current ghost, to teach her how to seduce a man in order to keep Simmons House. When Richard Kerry, Viscount Colbridge, first meets Sabrina she is sopping wet, having recently jumped into the Severn river in order to avoid being decapitated by a tree limb. Her wet dress does interesting things for her figure but it is the fact that she can quote classical literature at him that truly intrigues him. Richard holds a low opinion of women but this lady may prove the exception to the rule.

Or maybe not. Once Sabrina follows Nell’s guidance she turns into an made-up clumsy flirt who at once intrigues and irritates Richard. He loves the glimpses of the real Sabrina he sees but the near trollop who seems determined to seduce him irks him to no end. Slowly, the two play a game of one-up-manship and revelation, until who they really are comes to light.

This author has wonderful clear, concise prose but her plotting, characterization and setting leave a lot to be desired. She rides roughshod over the manners, history and customs of the Regency era and then adds insult to injury by plopping her characters into ridiculous situations. She compounds the problem by having them behave in a willy-nilly fashion without ever giving justification for that behavior. It was all a bit too much for me, so I wound up finding the book readable but not particularly enjoyable.

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