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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Repeat Replay
Hard Silence by Mia Kay:
The heroine had a small farm and among her many jobs rehabilitated abused horses. The hero was an FBI profiler on sabbatical. She was hiding numerous secrets which on the one hand was totally understandable, but on the other hand her absolute belief no one would understand was misguided and often frustrating. The author twice had the hero jump to a professional conclusion solely for plot purposes. There were a few too many coincidences, but mostly the plot elements weaved together well and there were some surprising twists. The romance was well-balanced with the suspense. The hero did something exasperating only so he’d be the one to have to grovel in the end which made for some avoidable angst. I understood why the author had events play out that way but it affected the pacing. Despite the plot quibbles overall an engaging read.

The Tears of the Rose by Jeffe Kennedy: Unsure if we were supposed to view the heroine’s deceased husband as a joyous, heroic, and perfect prince or as a cruel at worst, misguided at best wannabe champion whose actions ultimately caused his death. The author seemed to want it both ways, so neither way really worked for me. The heroine started off as whiny, petulant, and very self-centered. The hero was withdrawn and passive-aggressive during their initial interactions. I had difficulties with the heroine’s attitude and actions as well as the slow pacing of the first two-thirds, but the story thankfully picked up for the last third. The focus was very much on the heroine’s journey and the hero was absent for parts of the book, so I wished we’d gotten more of their romance. It ended on a cliffhanger, so I am glad not to have to wait to read the next book. Overall an enjoyable read.

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