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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Repeat Replay
The Shift of the Tide by Jeffe Kennedy:
I liked that the heroine was selfish and unlikable at times. Much of what we’d learned in the first book of the original series turned out to be not totally accurate. While it’s possible the author had always planned things as such, parts of it came across like she’d changed her mind. With each full-length book in this series I’ve often wished for the hero’s POV and that was true with this book as well. The hero had been an intriguing secondary character in earlier books and, much like the hero in the third book of the previous series, his total devotion to the heroine completely made the romance work. I also enjoyed the brief introduction of his family. The heroine had been tasked with a secret mission which took some unexpected turns. The pacing was slow in spots then the ending felt rushed, but overall an enjoyable read. The author has stated she decided to extend the series rather than try to tie up all of the loose ends in this book, so looking forward to more.

Military Grade Mistletoe by Julie Miller: The teacher heroine and Marine hero had corresponded for a year before he was severely injured. The heroine had a stalker but though she’d reported some incidents to the principal she hadn’t yet involved the police. The suspense plot was run of the mill and the heroine often acted unwisely solely so she’d be in danger for plot purposes. The hero was suffering from PTSD but—miracle of miracles—was getting professional counseling. After an inauspicious start their romance ultimately worked for me.

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