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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Repeat Replay
Caught in Amber by Cathy Pegau:
The heroine was a former addict. The hero was an agent with the colonial mining authority. He wanted to use the heroine’s connection to the planet’s main drug kingpin to rescue his sister. The each had their own agenda but from the first began to care about the other. The character of the hero’s sister was very underdeveloped. The heroine totally made the book. I liked the hero, but it often felt more emphasis was given to the heroine’s prior relationship with the book’s main villain than the romance between the h/h. A lot of page time was dedicated to the setup of their unofficial sting then the ending felt super rushed and a few questions were unresolved. Overall an enjoyable story. I just wish we’d had more page time with the h/h together.

The Fated Stars by Veronica Scott: The hero had been kidnapped four years prior to the start of the story and was being forced to perform as a fortune teller at a low-end carnival. I adored the ex-special forces heroine; her character shined throughout the book. The plot started as a simple rescue op then morphed into something else. There were some intriguing twists and it was nice to have some closure to the overarching plot of the past several books. However there was a subplot introduced in the second half that went nowhere, the conclusion to the main plot ended up being anti-climactic, and there were a few loose ends. An uneven read with likeable characters.

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