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Continuing with the Genre Challenge:

Read a Paranormal Romance

For this category, I was helped by my romance book group. They decided to read Kresley Cole’s A Hunger Like No Other published in 2006 which, to be honest, is not my normal reading preference.

This story is set in our 2006 world but features exclusively other-worldly characters: werewolves, valkyries, vampires, witches, demons, etc. These groups, who have lived among us for centuries, are bitter rivals who, on a regular basis, have major confrontations with each other to determine who is top dog. Despite this, they do form alliances, engage in romantic relationships, and even produce offspring. Speaking of that, our heroine (Emma), a “young” 70 year old half vampire/half valkyrie who lives with her valkyrie “aunts’ in protected seclusion, ends up identified by her fated mate — the King of the Werewolves — while she ventures off on her first, solo trip to discover the story of her parents unusual pairing. Our hero (Lachlain), the werewolf who is hundreds of years old, has been held in torturous captivity by the King of the Vampires for over a century. He escapes when he scents his Queen and proceeds to try and “convince” her to join with him as his fated mate.

I read this book as something very other, very unreal, but many of my book group members were bothered by the hero’s actions in trying to restrain and claim the heroine. He lied, was very forceful, and would not take no for an answer. In this current 2017 climate, with women in real life coming out to reveal sexual assaults and abuse by powerful men, this bothered many of my fellow book group members who were very affected by the headlines we’ve been bombarded with daily. My problems with the book were more about my entertainment preferences. I am not a big fan of these type of over-the-top paranormals, i.e., not just a little witchery or time travel or ESP, but violent confrontations between vampires, wolves, demons, etc. with little interaction with the real world. Not my thing. Plus, I felt a little bit like I was dropped into the middle of the plot. I later learned that there was a novella which preceded this first book. Still, the world building was definitely very good and effective. I think I would give this a B+.


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