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Simply Seventeen Challenge (The Whittler) – Repeat Replay
Cherish Hard by Nalini Singh:
This was the story of how the hero from Rock Hard’s next youngest brother and sister-in-law met and fell in love. The h/h each had baggage which was dealt with in realistic and not always predictable ways. At times they each allowed their expectations and preconceptions to overshadow things, but then acted like grown-ups and had actual conversations before allowing their relationship to derail. I liked the hero, but it was the heroine who really made the book shine. Overall a fun romance. I know the series will be about T-Rex’s brothers, but I hope we get the story of this heroine’s BFF and the hero’s friend.

Twisted Truths by Rebecca Zanetti: The hero had abandoned the heroine “for her own safety” before the start of this spin-off series and I had looked forward to their reunion romance when I read the other two books. I liked both characters and they eventually addressed his earlier actions, but his my-way-or-the-highway attitude grew old quickly and the heroine remained too passive throughout the story so their romance ultimately fell flat for me. It seemed odd the oh-so-smart hero did not suspect the villains would go after a certain character. The main villain and her cronies remained OTT proverbial mustache-twirlers. While it was nice to have closure after seven books, they were all ultimately too easily dispatched. I enjoyed the interaction between the brothers as well as the short cameos with the brothers from the first series and their spouses. I really enjoyed the secondary romance and wish we’d had much more of it. I also wish we’d had more page time with the heroine’s aunts. There were numerous loose ends to tie up with the story which didn’t always gel with the additional kidnapping plot so parts felt like a lot of build up with little payoff. There were parts I enjoyed, but overall an uneven read.

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