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I am happy to share I read some awesome books this week. First, a new historical by Grace Burrowes, No Other Duke Will Do. I hadn’t heard anything about it and the other Windham books in the series didn’t grab me but this one did and I also am excited for the next one in the series, A Rogue of Her Own, March 2018. No Other DWD takes place at a house party at Julian St. David, Duke of Haverford’s castle. He is heavily in debt to his neighbor and is trying to marry off his sister. his sister is trying to marry off Julian. There are some great secondary characters and some good twists. I am very excited for the next in this series.

Another nice story was the new Mary Balogh, Someone to Wed. The h has a port stain birthmark and the H needs funds. They come to an agreement and I liked it more than I thought I would. The H is sweet and they have a classic Balogh waltz scene. I am really looking forward to the next one in this series, Someone to Care, coming out May 1st, that has an older couple.