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Maggie Boyd
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Acanthus – symbolizes The Arts: Read a book with an artist or dealing with art in some way. Her Last Chance Michelle Albert

This book had an intriguing premise: FBI Agent Vincent DeLuca is working on a series of hard to solve art thefts and Claudia Cruz, an independent investigator for a group called Avalon, is working on the same thing. As the two trip all over each other solving the case, they fall in love and voila! HEA ending.

That’s what should have happened but it didn’t really work that way . The first hundred pages aren’t really devoted to crime solving but lust thought coupled with snarling insults at each other as well as the occasional game of one-upmanship. That became tedious about ten pages in. The writing was clunky and some of the characters were more caricature like than those pictures you can buy at carnivals. This was a thoroughly hard slog for me and the only good things I can say about it is that it got slightly more interesting towards the end, when they concentrated on the crime solving and that it is now off my TBR and on the way to the UBS. Goodbye and good riddance.

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