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Maggie Boyd
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Baby’s Breath – Read a book where the h/h have a child. Somebody to Love Kristan Higgins

This book was a mixed bag read for me. On the one hand, the book was engaging, entertaining and enjoyable. On the other, there were quirks that kept it from reaching DIK status.

Parker lives in her father’s mansion with her young son, Nick. Down to earth, cheerful and kind-natured she is best-friends with her baby daddy’s new wife (Ethan and Lucy from The Next Best Things) and is just getting set to start lady’s night with some scrumptious wine and girl talk when daddy dearest arrives. He never visits so Parker pulls out her glacial rich girl act and greets him and his entourage with cool hauteur. The visit turns her life upside down. Daddy has lost it all in an insider trading scandal and will likely go to prison. His assets are to be liquidated starting with the house which Parker and Nick call home. Parker and Nick’s trust funds are gone because she made the mistake of having her father serve as sole manager. The only bright spot is told to her by Thing One, Parker’s least favorite member of the entourage. Attorney and smokin’ hottie James Cahill advises Parker she still owns the beach house her aunt bequeathed her. Parker’s never been there but she’s going now with plans to sell it and use the money to buy a house next to Ethan and Lucy.

Parker is one of those too good to be true characters. There is no sense of real loss from her change of fortune, just a practical outlook on how she can make this work for her and Nicky. She has donated all the money from her successful children’s book series The Holy Rollers to charity and doesn’t call to see how that can be changed (with a movie coming out the books should still be lucrative). She simply plans to sell the beach house and move on. When the beach cottage turns out to be a shack, she cries for less than an afternoon and then moves forward to repairing the place. Fortunately James, who worked for a contractor during his college summers, shows up to help out.

Naturally James, a near perfect hero, and Parker fall in love. And their romance is sweet but one of my problems with the story is that it is also painfully slow. I got tired of the hurdles the author threw in their way, especially towards the end. Another problem I had was with Parker’s ease to adjusting to being broke, notorious (her dad’s crime made CNN) and the endless voices in her head (the Holy Rollers talk to her). Hearing any sexual longings referred to as Lady Land grew a bit irksome too.

Overall though the book was enjoyable. Readers will like it a lot better if they read Catch of the Day and The Next Big Thing first though since characters from those books feature prominently in this one.

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