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Maggie Boyd
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Crocus– foresight. Read a novel where one of the characters has “the sight” of some kind –dreams, visions, clairvoyance etc. Or read a paranormal romance. Or a romance involving a prophecy. Delia’s Shadow Jamie Lee Moyer

This was an interesting book about a young medium who is haunted by a ghost. Determined to free herself of the apparition and convinced that can only happen in her hometown of San Francisco, she returns home. While this doesn’t free her from the ghost, she is glad to be back in time for her best friend’s wedding and to spend some time with her foster mother before that worthy lady passes on.

While Delia is enjoying her reunion with family, Gabe, a detective, is struggling to find a horrible serial killer. When he and Delia meet, the case is blown wide open; Delia’s ghost has information relevant to the case. Delia and Gabe fall in love as the a killer stalks them in early 20th century San Francisco.

Enjoyable characters, well written history and an interesting mystery made this book an easy, fun read. I’m not sure I will continue with the series but I certainly found this first book worth my time.

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