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Maggie Boyd
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Orchid- sympathy. Read a book revolving around a death, someone being ill or a will. The Canterbury Sisters Kim Wright

The Canterbury Sisters was a very readable book but for me, not a very enjoyable one. The story is about Che,a woman whose mother has recently died and whose significant other chooses that unfortunate moment to let her know he is in love with another woman. Still reeling from these dual surprises, Che faces a conundrum when she learns of her mother’s request to have her ashes scattered at Canterbury Cathedral. The two had spoken prior to her death of her mom’s desire to take a pilgrimage there but it had been the kind of vague idea no one ever really follows through on. While Che wants to honor her mother’s wishes, the thought of traveling from the states to Europe and taking a solo trip to Canterbury doesn’t really appeal. Setting aside her reservations and never one to do things half way, Che decides she will not only go to London but she will take a walking tour from London to the Cathedral and experience the full pilgrimage.

The group she joins determines to experience Canterbury Chaucer style and tells tales while they are walking the trail. Naturally, each tale reveals something about the teller and of course, Che discovers as they walk along that no one is quite who they seem. By learning about them, she learns about herself and emerges from the trail wiser and more ready to tackle life and love.

The heart of the book are the Canterbury Tales. Each tale is different but they all have a common core: love and how it affects us. “Us” being not just individuals but women. What do women truly want from a relationship? Do our love stories have to meet anyone’s standards but our own? Do each of us have a fairytale to live out?

Unfortunately, I found the characters unrelatable, the tales for the most part uninteresting and the pop psychology underlying it all rather annoying.

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