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Maggie Boyd
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The Jingle Challenge
If you grew up in the 20th century, there was a song selling just about every product under the sun. Read 10,12 or 18 books that match the criteria within the challenge to complete it.

1. When You Say Bud You’ve Said It All – (Budweiser) Read a friends to lovers romance or a romance where the h/h have known each other a long time.
2. The Best Part of Waking Up (Folgers)- Read a book about a coffee barista, café worker/owner, or h/h who are in the food industry in some way.
3. Like a Good Neighbor – Read a small town romance or a story where the h/h return home.
4. Libbys, Libbys, Libbys On The Label, Label, Label (Libbys canned goods) Read a book where the h/h are farmers, ranchers or work with groceries in some capacity. British nobles often had home farms with their property, which would count.
5. I’d Like to Teach The World To Sing (Coke)– Read a romance where the h/h work with music in some capacity or a book with song name/lyrics in the title.
6. Five Dollar Foot Long (Subway) – Read a hot romance or a romance where the h/h are well endowed.
7. Meow Meow Meow Meow (Meow Mix) Read a book that involves animals in some way.
8. Stuck on Bandaid (Bandaid) – Read a book where the h/h work in medicine in some capacity.
9. Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun (McDonald’s) McDonald’s is the king of fast food restaurants. Read a book about h/h in a high powered career or a book where the h/h are titled nobility.
10. Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Pepper Too? (Dr. Pepper) Read a book where the h/h are described as sassy, sarcastic, opinionated etc. or a book where the h/h belong to something (band, motorcycle gang etc.)
11. I Don’t Want to Grow Up, I’m a Toys R Us Kid – Read a book about single parent(s) or a book that involves children in some way (i.e. h/h are teachers, social workers etc.)
12. Gimme a Break (Kit-Kat) Read a second chance at love story or a reunion romance
13. There’s Nothing Like the face (of a kid eating a Hershey Bar, Hershey) – The great American chocolate bar. It all began with a visit to Hershey by Captain Paul P. Logan of the US Army Quartermaster Corps in 1937, as America drifted closer to war. Samuel Hinkle, Hershey’s chief chemist at the time and a future company president, said Logan asked Hershey to develop “a kind of survival ration.” The resulting chocolate bar, with greater nutritional value and a higher melting point than usual, was the beginning of what came to be called a D Ration. Read a romance with a veteran or where the h/h are in the military.
14. Hot Dogs, Armour Hotdogs (Armour Hotdogs) to be a hotdog is to perform unusual or very intricate maneuvers in a sport or to perform in a reckless or flamboyant manner. Read a sports romance.
15. (I wish I was an) Oscar Mayer Weiner (Oscar Mayer) – Hopefully most of us have higher aspirations than being a hotdog! Read a book where the h/h are starting a new career or work in their dream job. Or since the lyrics include “so everyone would be in love with me” read a romance where the h/h is popular, famous, or infamous.
16. My baloney has a first name (Oscar Mayer Bologna) – Read a romance that involves a family name, such as the MacGregor Saga by Nora Roberts or a romance that includes a name in the title such as Searching for Irene, The Charming Lady Charlotte etc.
17. We love baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet (Chevrolet) – Read a romance that involves cars/motorcylces/vehicles in some capacity. Or since this is meant to describe American life, read a romance that takes place in America.
18. Plop, plop fizz, fizz oh what a relief it is (Alka Seltzer) Alka Seltzer is all about solving a problem. Read a romantic suspense book.
19. Have a coke and a smile (Coca Cola) – Read a book where the h/h works in a profession where smiles are important such as dentist, model or actor.
20. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t (Peter Paul Almond Joy/Mounds) Read a humorous romance or a romance that takes place in a tropical location.
21. Double, double your refreshment (doublemint gum) These ads involved twins. Read a book where the h/h have a twin or read several connected books about siblings.
22. Smack dab in the middle (Chewels) Read the second book in a trilogy or any book that is in the middle of a series.
23. I want my baby back ribs (Chillis) – Read a book that involves a secret baby or unplanned pregnancy.
24. Mmm, Mmm Good (Campbell’s Soup) Read an award winning romance.
25. Head for the Mountains (Busch Beer) Read a book where the h/h work in a bar or with alcohol in some way.
26. I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan (Enjoli) Read a book where the heroine’s independent nature is a definitive aspect of her character. (I.e. suffragette, devoted to her career, refuses to marry because she doesn’t want to give up her independence etc.)
27. Just one calorie, now you see it, now you don’t (Diet Pepsi) – Read a romance that has ghosts or spirits.
28. Meet the Swinger, the Polaroid Swinger (Polaroid Cameras) Read a romance with multiple partners or where the h/h have a second chance at love.
29. Just One Cornetto – Give it to me!’ (British Ice Cream Ad) Read a romance set in England or a romance that involves cold weather in some way.
30. Snickers satisfies you – Be satisfied with your reading choices. This is a wild card to be used for any type of book.
31. Fruity Oaty Bar! Commercial (Serenity Movie) – A song that triggers an assassin. Read a sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal romance.
32. Last beer to have when you’re having more than one (Schafer beer) H/h is recover(ed)ing addict or works with addiction in some way
33. Tonight is Kind of Special (Lowenbrau) – One night stand romance or cabin/road trip romance.
34. From the Land of Sky Blue Waters (Hamms) – A book that takes place on or near the water, or has something to do with water on the cover/title.
35. You can wear a ring around your finger (Ring Pop) – a book revolving around a wedding or with bride/wedding in the title or a book with a fake engagement.
36. The world looks mighty good to me cause tootsie rolls are all I see (Tootsie Roll) Whatever it is I think I see, becomes a tootsie roll to me: Read a book that involves amnesia, mistaken identity/false identity or witness protection etc.
37. Fresh goes better (Mentos) Read a book about fresh starts – new career, new location, makeover etc.
38. Kiss a little longer, Give your breath long lasting freshness (Big Red) Read a long romance (400+ pages) or a romance that takes place over a year or more or a romance that has story lines in two different time periods or where the plot is affected by events of the past.
39. Thingamabob, gooblygook, what’s it face (Whatchamacallit Candy Bar) – Any type of romance you want.
40. The taste is gonna move you (Juicy Fruit) Read a book where the h/h has a passion (environment, politics, working with needy) or read an Inspirational romance.