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Maggie Boyd
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19. Nasturtium- patriotism. Read a book that takes place during a war. Or with a military hero/heroine. Eye of the Storm Maura Seger

Maggie Lawrence is an Army nurse in Manila during WWII. Fortunate enough to be given a berth on a last minute evacuation from the island, she is less than thrilled to be travelling with a group of marines. Sgt. Anthony Gargano ticks off all her pet peeves: pushy, bossy, uncouth. Her opinion changes as she gets to know him though. Soon, the two start an illicit relationship, strained because Maggie is an officer while Anthony is non-commissioned. When he gets combat promotions, the nature of their relationship becomes much more open. Separated and reunited by war on numerous occasions, Theirs is an affair to last a lifetime.

The story was intriguing but the author made it all too obvious she was writing a romance novels with sequels; we kept meeting good looking guys whom Maggie would totally fall for if it weren’t for Anthony.

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