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The 18 in 18 Phonics Challenge
E for enigma — Read a mystery romance or romantic suspense.
Promise Not to Tell by Jayne Ann Krentz:
The h/h both suffered from insomnia and other PTSD-related symptoms from a traumatic incident in their childhood. I liked that these issues were treated as just a part of each of their characters. They had good days and bad days, there was progress and set-backs but it never defined them. The mystery meandered and the romance sometimes took a backseat to the suspense, but overall it worked for the plot. The romance was solid. There was the usual dash of the family drama as well as plenty of humor and a nice cast of secondary characters. Hopefully we won’t have to wait over a year for the conclusion of the trilogy as we did for this second installment. Another enjoyable example of why JAK remains an autobuy author for me.

E for epic — Read a fantasy romance
Heart of Fire by Amanda Bouchet:
I was disappointed in this final book in the Kingmaker Trilogy. I liked both the h/h and their romance in the earlier books, but the hero was given shockingly little to do this time around. Also too many of the world’s rules seemed to shift as needed to move the plot along. The changes were explained on page but still felt like a copout. There were a few parts I enjoyed but overall a very uneven read that seemed to go around in circles. The ending was blandly anti-climactic (can’t say more without major spoilers). I am sad we will apparently not get the hero’s sisters’ stories, particularly Jocasta’s, as well as his brother Carver’s.

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