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Has anyone read Christine Feehan’s latest–Judgment Road? It’s the first Feehan book I’ve read (I know she has a huge following), and it may be my last. If you love ultra-damaged uber-alpha motorcycle club member-and-also-spy males, this might be your catnip. Me, I would rate this book, at best, C-.

The story involves a super-controlling alpha male (“Reaper”) and a female doormat (“Anya”). Anya gets tangled up with Reaper’s club, Torpedo Ink, and specifically with Reaper. The club members, almost all incredibly damaged characters who all protect each other and consider themselves a family, initially mistrust Anya but eventually embrace her. Anya, who had her own effed-up childhood and is currently trying to evade potential trouble from an outside source, is attracted to the idea of having a family, even if that family is a motorcycle club full of questionable characters.

Reaper is almost immediately super attracted to Anya. She also finds him really hot. They get into a relationship right away. He completely controls her in the relationship and she allows it. Reaper loves that he can “take” Anya whenever he feels like, and he wants tattoos of his fingerprints around her wrists, to show his ownership. Strangely, I did not find the latter as charming as Anya did.

Not surprisingly, Reaper speaks Caveman, a language I first ran across in the book Motorcycle Man. His verbal interactions with Anya consist primarily of things like “You’re f***ing beautiful” (his go-to statement),”This relationship ends when I say it ends” and “You shouldn’t wear a bra. You shouldn’t wear anything.” You know, insightful stuff like that.

Anya, for all that she occasionally talks tough when Reaper oversteps, is basically an ever-forgiving doormat, letting Reaper use her however he wants because, well, he *is* super hot and gives her fantastic orgasms, plus he had that very sad, very bad childhood…

I get that some readers enjoy super-alpha males. I do too, sometimes. But this book was way too extreme for me. And while I enjoy hot sex in a book, I felt like this bordered on porn. To each his own, of course. But come on, you’ve got a plot that–as far as I can tell–wants us to believe that the damaged alpha male will truly be on the road to healing if only he can manage to *allow* his girlfriend give him a thorough blow job without his going all psycho on her. Bwahaha, really? Really? As gruesome as some of the backstory is for these characters, I just could not help rolling my eyes at the uber-ness and ridiculousness of it all.

Judgment Road does kind of have a plot to hold the “romance”–and I use the word loosely–together. And TBH, I’m curious to see if there is going to be an Alena/Pierce story. So, yeah, I’d give it a C- (or 2 stars out of 5, if you’re into the star system).