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Continuing with The Alphabet Challenge Variation (read 18 books where the title/author name begins with the letter A, then B, C, etc. through R).

Letter “J” for Eloisa James

For letter “J,” I decided to read Eloisa James’ latest book, Wilde in Love, published in 2017.

This story focuses on Lord Alaric Wilde who has been traveling the world, having daring adventures and writing about them which has made him a celebrity in his home country of England. Alaric’s travels, however, are not solely about adventure. He appears to be escaping a sad event in his life — the unfortunate death of a beloved older brother. Upon Alaric’s return to England and his rather large family, he unexpectedly meets a young woman who is a part of his society and is unique — she, Miss Willa Ffynche — has no interest in his fame and, in fact, is put off by it as she treasures her privacy and her more normal, quiet life. Of course, Willa is a part of the house party Alaric’s father throws, and Alaric and Willa are thrown together. Will Alaric be able to convince Willa that he also craves the normalcy that she prefers? Will Alaric’s legion of admirers undermine his goal, especially a particular woman who has made it her business to highlight his “infamy” and put herself foremost in the picture?

Anyway, Eloisa James’ books have always been hit or miss with me. In this case, the book is more a miss than a hit. The problems I had were that the villainess started out to be quite interesting, but eventually ended up being the usual over-the-top, crazy other woman. The fact that she kept coming back, like The Terminator, really made me wonder about the intelligence of the people trying to keep her restrained. Take a woman scorned seriously, people!

The other thing that was less enjoyable was the fact that almost all the activity occurred at one house party. Literally the setting never varied and I was disappointed that we never got a full feel for Alaric’s fame because he was, almost entirely, on his father’s estate. It just seemed that the plot was just stalled on that damn estate, with the cutesy animals, and somewhat claustrophobic. I would give this a B-, maybe even a C. What started out being a very interesting premise just boiled down to the same old, same old.


The Alphabet Challenge Variation – 4 down, 14 to go (R, D, L, J …)