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Continuing with The Alphabet Challenge Variation (read 18 books where the title/author name begins with the letter A, then B, C, etc. through R).

Letter “N” for “Not a Mistake”

For letter “N,” I read a book that was unusual on a couple of levels — at least for me. The book I chose was Amber Belldene’s Not a Mistake (Hot Under Her Collar – Book One) published in 2016.

What’s unusual about this book is that both the hero and heroine are Episcopal priests. Oh, and its author is also an Episcopal priest! Now, that doesn’t mean the story is an inspirational or even deals with spiritual issues, per se. In fact it’s main focus are moral issues both personal and professional. Also, it has very sexy moments.

This book has a mini-review here on AAR. So, I don’t know that I really need to provide a lot of details about the plot. Basically, however, the heroine has had a crush on one of her professors from seminary school. He’s a handsome man, a priest himself, and somewhat rigid in this beliefs. He also investigates ethical infractions by other priests. After graduation, our heroine, Jordan, is celebrating with her classmates and they invite Professor Dominic Lawrence along. Later that evening, Jordan and Dominic have a romantic hook-up that ends up producing an unexpected consequence — a pregnancy. This pregnancy could torpedo both their careers. Jordan has just gotten a job as a priest to a small congregation in Santa Cruz, California, and Dominic is up for a promotion in the church. How can they reveal their relationship? Should they? Each face their own moral and ethical dilemmas which are impacted by Jordan’s congregants as well as Dominic’s troubled past and his current investigations.

This story feels very genuine. The people here are not morally pristine. But they are good people facing problems. The characters’ professions and situations made this a unique read, but the underlying plot would be recognizable to any romance reader. I have to admit, even though I am not a very religious person, it felt a little weird, at first, reading about the sex lives of two priests written by a priest, but it just reinforced that people who hold such positions also have personal lives and desires and may not always do the right thing. I enjoyed it, would give it a B+, and look forward to Belldene’s other books. (I did want to know exactly what Dominic was doing professionally at the end of story. It wasn’t quite clear to me.)


The Alphabet Challenge Variation – 7 down, 11 to go (R, D, L, J, A, G, N …)