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The 21st Century Challenge
2007 = Don’t Let Go by Sydney Somers (published May 2007):
The h/h were both after the same guy: the hero as a private investigator hired to prove he was cheating on his wife, the heroine because he’d bilked her mother-in-law out of her life savings. The suspense plot was dull and used as a flimsy excuse to force the h/h to spend time together. It was odd that their families had a centuries-old feud yet neither knew who the other was, but at least the issue was addressed on page. The heroine jumped to a number of conclusions and it was difficult to buy into her justification for lying. I also had issues with the hero, particularly for a plot point that was played for laughs, but wasn’t funny. Some nice moments but overall a lackluster read.

The 18 in 18 Phonics Challenge
I for interconnected — Read a romance that is part of a series.
Whatever It Takes by Sydney Somers – book 3 in Spellbound series:
The h/h had eloped after a whirlwind romance four years earlier and the heroine was justifiably irate that the hero had then disappeared with only a note asking for a divorce. That didn’t stop the sparks from flying when they met again and she was dragged into his world of shadowy espionage. The hero had always regretted leaving. The author did a good job of making the h/h each sympathetic, demonstrating how they’d changed and why things would be different this time around, all essential elements for a believable reunion romance. There was also a fun secondary romance with the heroine’s brother and their company’s receptionist. I wanted more of both couples. By far my favorite of the series.

The Alphabet Challenge Variation
M = Must Be Magic by Sydney Somers:
This was another reunion romance. I liked the h/h, but their only issue was a lack of communication so too much of the conflict in the second half felt manufactured. The author seemed to adjust the rules of her magic worldbuilding to prevent the secondary characters from finding the h/h after their plane crashed which felt like a cheat and added to the sense of contrived drama. It didn’t help that the h/h took so long to have a heart-to-heart conversation. An uneven but still likable read.

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