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Next up in The Alphabet Challenge Variation (read 18 books where the title/author name begins with the letter A, then B, C, etc. through R).

Letter “B” for “Louise Bay”

For letter “B,” I picked up Louise Bay’s The British Knight, published in 2017. Apparently, this book had at least two previous sequels as I was reading about this author’s other work, I recognized some of the supporting characters in The British Knight. That being said, you definitely don’t need to read those books to appreciate this one.

This book was reviewed by AAR and was given an A. So, I was really looking forward to it. You can find the review here: https://allaboutromance.com/book-review/the-british-knight-by-louise-bay/

Mostly, I agree with the review. This book features two interesting characters who are compelling separately and who challenge each other together. The heroine is an American, living in NYC, who had studied at MIT and was starting a software business with her boyfriend when the jerk, not only cheated on her, but literally stole the company from beneath her (which actually made me wonder about her intelligence, but I guess that’s love). She’s been licking her wounds and floundering ever since, when she’s offered an opportunity by her sister’s sister-in-law to work and spend time in London. She arrives and begins a job as an Administrative Assistant in the chambers of a prestigious law office. In particular, she’s assigned to work for a brilliant, rising barrister who is also a workaholic who will let no one near his cases. Soon, she is using her aggressive persistence to not only whittle down the hero’s lone wolf defenses, but to get under his skin personally. But, of course, our heroine has defenses too and those are being whittled away as well.

I enjoyed this story very much and am interested, now, in going back and reading the previous stories involving the supporting characters. The only reason I would not give the book an A is 1) I couldn’t figure out why the heroine (Violet) had been so stupid in the first place — that was just never explained here since she seemed to be such a savvy woman. Maybe we needed a chapter on that — and 2) I thought the ending of this book was a little too convenient. A colleague just happened to know of a position at Columbia University for our hero? The hero and heroine are going to have a bi-continental life? If they have children, that definitely wouldn’t work out. I would give this story a B+/A-.


The Alphabet Challenge Variation – 8 down, 10 to go (R, D, L, J, A, G, N, B …)