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The 18 in 18 Phonics Challenge
H for health — Read a romance where the heroine and/or hero is involved with the health services industry, e.g. doctor, nurse, paramedic, physical therapist, etc.
Hot Response by Shannon Stacey – heroine is an EMT:
The h/h started off on the wrong foot so the romance was slow to begin. Family and work dynamics played a significant part in the story. There were glimpses of the earlier characters, but the focus was very much on this h/h. A few scenes took place off-page that I wished we’d gotten to actually read. While I could see the hero’s point, not that much time had actually passed since they’d started dating so his quasi-ultimatum to the heroine was uncalled for (trying not to be too spoilerish) and the ending seemed rushed. Still I liked the h/h both individually and as a couple, there was a lot of humor, and overall I liked their romance as well as the interactions with their families and co-workers. An enjoyable read.

C for critter — Read a romance where the heroine and/or hero have a pet.
Total Bravery by Piper J Drake – hero has a dog:
A nice twist on the traditional ‘hero and his bff’s younger sister’ trope as the heroine’s elder sibling/hero’s bff was a woman. The hero was on his first day at his new job when he received a call from the heroine who was on the run from two men. Despite being bff’s with her elder sister during their military days, the h/h had never previously met. The mystery plot was intriguing. I understood the logistical reasons behind a decision the hero made toward the end, but I had issues with what happened (trying not to be spoilerish and the situation was later addressed). The hero appeared in the previous book and his bff was mentioned, but this book introduced a new group of characters and their working dogs as well as a new setting (Hawaii). Looking forward to more books in this series. Most of the book took place over a few days so the romance felt rushed. However this was also addressed and I found the HEA believable.

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