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The 18 in 18 Phonics Challenge
N for new — Read a romance by a debut author or a romance by any author you haven’t read before. Or read a New Adult romance.
The Emperor’s Arrow by Lauren DM Smith – author’s debut nook + new to me author:
The heroine was a warrior from an isolated island required to travel to the city as one of the bride candidates for the emperor. Honor dictated she do her best, but she figured she would soon be dismissed. She didn’t count on falling for the hero or foiling several assassination attempts. While the romance was central to the story, the focus was much more on the heroine’s journey, including her efforts to navigate the palace intrigue, than on the hero’s. At times I had trouble keeping the various noble houses straight. There were a few plot quibbles, but I loved the heroine so overall a very enjoyable read.

The Alphabet Challenge Variation
F = Cavanaugh Vanguard by Marie Ferrarella:
Early on the hero was thinking about how he worked on behalf of victims to avenge their deaths. Okay… except he was a major crimes detective, it was the heroine who worked homicide. There were timeline inconsistencies which kept throwing me out of the story. The banter was stilted in spots, but I ended up liking the h/h overall. The mystery started with multiple bodies discovered in the wall of a hotel being demolished. It should have been intriguing but was rather meh (and one plot point was introduced and then disappointingly was never mentioned again so felt unresolved). There were parts I enjoyed but overall an uneven read.

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